Tina Blankenship In the early years of her childhood Tina was sensitive to psychic energy. With this special gift Tina has made it her ambition to help those that ask for it. Tina has successfully guided people of all ages and backgrounds through many life choices and can intuitively assist you with any area of your life. Tina has also helped to heal and pass over Earthbound Spirits with visible results.

Tina has worked with diagnosed schizophrenic clients to alleviate their fears and help them see they're not alone.

Readings can be held face to face (at her office or at your home if needed), via phone or email. Tina can answer any question you may have about the past, present or future; for yourself, other people and animals in your life. Tina does this by communicating with your Spirit Guides, Angels and Loved Ones who have crossed over.

Tina will perform hands on healing and discuss changes that can help the disharmony within your spirit that is causing the illness. She can also help cleanse your house of negative energy, lovingly pass over a spirit that is haunting you or your family, friends, home or workplace.

Tina is here to provide you with a personable service. You can be assured that all information about your life is kept private and held with the strictest confidence.

Visit Tina on: Tina Blankenship Facebook

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